Our ECM XMAS crossword for you

We have prepared a little XMAS Quiz for you – try and see if you can solve it. It is an interactive crossword. You can click on the word and see the clue that can help you find the word. Type in you response and see if it fits.


  1. What is the word for Christmas in German? – see an Google Translate

  2. In which city did the idea of the ECM take off in 1992? At a European Conference in Switzerland – the city where the office of the UN can be found.

  3. Where will the ECM 2023 be? Hint see this webpage or the capital city of Germany

  4. How many Christmas Markets are in Berlin? There is a list on Wikipedia here.

  5. What is the main focus of the ECM 2023? Well something where you can level up.

  6. How old will JCI Berlin be in 2023? The chapter was founded in 1953.

  7. From which country do most of Berlin’s Christmas trees come from? The countries capital city is Copenhagen where some of the attendees of the 2023 ECM will be from.
  8. What cake were stallholders explicitly allowed to trade at the first Christmas Market in Berlin 1530? An old word for gingerbread – the cake is made up of ____ coming from bees.

  9. How many ECMs has Berlin hosted so far? Every 10 years starting in 1993.